1st place at OVERGROUND Rio das Ostras, Brazil July 24th 2016! Round 3 of the World Circuit!


Viki does it again, winning a streak of series and securing the 2016 World Title as the new WORLD CHAMPION 2016!

Two years consecutively Viki Gomez takes home the title as the World Champion.

VG wins in Brazil 2016

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Jorge "Viki" Gomez from Madrid, Spain. An elite / professional BMX Flatland rider, competitor and BMX demonstration performer who has won countless prestigious awards and elite BMX competitions all over the world. BMX Bike Designer and BMX Demo specialist. Co-founder of talent/entertainment management GGM, "GG management" (see Management "About Us"). Follow Viki on his facebook Athlete page "Viki Gomez", instagram "vikigomezbmx" and on his twitter "vikibmx". CONTACT: contact@vikigomez.com Bookings / Sponsorship inquiries: ggm@ggmiage.com