Today’s REPORt in Spanish National Sports News Channel – MARCA.

photos by Joel Capillaire (Kenya) Mauro Puccini (Italy)

photos by
Joel Capillaire (Kenya) (action photo) and Jason Halayoko (Japan) (portrait)



RED BULL BIKE presents Viki gomez and camilo gutierrez w/ “bike n’ mic” BMX tour in Lagos, Nigeria June 2014

The US Red Bull Bike channel presents the Bike N’ Mic BMX Tour, together with professional BMX Riders Viki Gomez and Camilo Gutierrez, and local hip hop rapper “Kraftmatiks”, in Lagos, Nigeria, June 2014.

Red Bull Bike Story – Bike N’ Mic BMX Tour Lagos, Nigeria 2014

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Find more information about the Bike N’ Mic BMX Tour concept and on how to book your show online Bike N’ Mic Bookings