VIKI GOMEZ at the Mainz Castle (Germany) – Shooting with HURMPHOTOS

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Photos by Lukas Hurm

IG @hurmphotos
facebook: Hurm Photos

Mainz, Germany March 2015

The one hour walk of flow


During one hour a day I free my mind and I just ride freely looking for flow. This video is a part of that one hour…Like when you go for a walk, this is my one hour walk of flow at my indoor spot.

Filmed by Axel at the Projekt X Skatehalle Trier​ / Germany

Durante una hora al día libero my mente y simplemente monto buscando armonia y ritmo. Este video es parte de esa hora… al igual que la gente sale a pasear para relajarse, esta es mi hora del dia de paseo en mi spot indoor.

Today’s REPORt in Spanish National Sports News Channel – MARCA.

photos by Joel Capillaire (Kenya) Mauro Puccini (Italy)

photos by
Joel Capillaire (Kenya) (action photo) and Jason Halayoko (Japan) (portrait)