BOMBARDEROS – New MUST WATCH EDIT W/ Viki Gomez and Martti Kouppa by Wildschnitt Productions September 1st

Two of the worlds most influential BMX Flatland Riders are reunited in a video edit after half a decade of not riding together!! A compilation of new level tricks that will blow your mind away! They have proved yet again that the sports & art of BMX Flatland is infinity and that as a PRO Rider, you MUST be original in order to progress and get the recognition worldwide!

Take a look for yourself and love the inspiration!

Watch the latest edit here: BOMBARDEROS 2014


PHilharmonie x Jaanus Ree Viki Gomez instagram: @vikigomezbmx
Viki Gomez instagram: @vikigomezbmx

Read w/ Viki Gomez and his daily life in bmx FV4A2526-medphoto by Olav Stubberud ( in Voss, Norway June 2014

Viki Wins the O’Marsquino contest in Vigo, Spain

TV report of BMX Flatland on Spanish National TV Channel “TVE” on August 8th in Vigo, Spain

TVE report Viki August 8th 2014 Vigo 2014 Viki wins in Vigo August 9th 2014