BMXing in Ibiza, Mediterranean Grand Prix PowerBoat world championships side activation


Viki Gomez and Varo Hernandez take Ibiza w/ their BMX Bikes.

Instagram:, @vikigomezbmx and @varohernandez

BOMBARDEROS – New MUST WATCH EDIT W/ Viki Gomez and Martti Kouppa by Wildschnitt Productions September 1st

Two of the worlds most influential BMX Flatland Riders are reunited in a video edit after half a decade of not riding together!! A compilation of new level tricks that will blow your mind away! They have proved yet again that the sports & art of BMX Flatland is infinity and that as a PRO Rider, you MUST be original in order to progress and get the recognition worldwide!

Take a look for yourself and love the inspiration!

Watch the latest edit here: BOMBARDEROS 2014


PHilharmonie x Jaanus Ree Viki Gomez instagram: @vikigomezbmx
Viki Gomez instagram: @vikigomezbmx

Read w/ Viki Gomez and his daily life in bmx FV4A2526-medphoto by Olav Stubberud ( in Voss, Norway June 2014