Red Bull Switzerland created a project collaboration together with Viki Gomez, where the focus lies on the element of water. Where water is a source of inspiration for Viki in his smooth way of riding and creating his personal original Flatland tricks. Inspired from TAO’s philosophy and Brice Lee.

Inspired by Bruce Lee and the “no mind” theory, Viki created this beautiful short film of his philosophy how he feels connected with the most important element – water. #FlatSwissTour in Switzerland






BEHIND THE SCENE: blick-hinter-die-kulissen-beim-weltmeister-2015


FlatSwissTour BeWATER Video article RB CH Sep 2015 Viki Gomez Viki Gomez Viki Gomez

Viki Gomez

Viki GomezViki Gomez
























Viki Gomez

“Something in the way!” Latest banger video by Viki Gomez of 2015


Quote by Flatland’s online community page owner – Effraim Catlow

“Viki is at the top of his game, managing to juggle the lifestyle of travelling as Red Bull athlete always at the airport to the next show, winning contests and producing video parts like this, an absolute must watch edit that has made a rainy day in Southsea not so bad! Thank you Viki!”


HIT LINK TO VIEW A FLATLAND MasterPiece by the Master himself, VIKI GOMEZ!!!



photographer Ismael Ibanez