New Ride TT 20,75 CS 13,2


I have put a new longer frame TT 20,75″ CS 13,2″ and it s amazing! wanted to share this video of today,s session where I have learnt couple of new moves. Enjoy it!

Music Dj Baku


NORA Cup Winner 2013!

Winning the prestigious BMX Awards of all times, the NORA Cup Awards,
held in Austin, Texas USA the night of 20ths of October, as “Flatlander of the Year”, has
been a dream of mine ever since I started riding BMX Flatland 17 years
ago! Thanks to RIDE BMX for this night!

This award is the reward of all my hard work put and all the support I
have gotten from family, friends and sponsors. This moment is the
highlight of my career, that motivates me to continue further and
further more.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to achieve my dreams! Congrats to the other nominees Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, Ucchie and Dom! You guys all deserve the a cup! Thank you for pushing the sport and my self!!!

Street Fighting Tour, Episode I Barcelona

From the streets to the streets! Here is the first episode of the Red Bull Street Fighting Tour in Barcelona! Our special guest is Matthias Dandois. A tour sponsored by Orbea where we show you one bike and 2 disciplines: Flat & Street!
Giving motivation all over Barcelona and getting energy from the crowd! This is how we do it!

BMX Street & Flat in Madrid city!

With my team mate Secko Hood Rider!

Magic hut!

Matthias Dandois gave me this hut recently in Italy and today is the first time I wear it and some new combos came up! Thank you homie!