Current sportive status as of October 2015:

  • BMX Flatland WORLD CHAMPION 2015
  • “Number One Flatlander of the Year” 2015 – Global BMX Awards 2015 (NORA Cup Awards)


Viki Gomez became a professional BMX Freestyle/Flatland rider in 1998 when winning his first ever entered competition in Portimao, Portugal, and is a pro BMXer ever since, at age 17. Viki was one of the youngest riders, worldwide, winning over top riders at that young age, a young talent in Flatland was making his mark!

In 2002, Viki won one of the sports greatest and most prestigious competitions, till the day, the “Red Bull Circle of Balance, which made Viki to be the official and very first BMX Flatland rider part of the Red Bull Athlete Team, in 2003 at the age of 21.  Today, Viki holds the record in winning this very same competitions three times (2002, 2007 and 2012).


Awards Highlights: since 2010 – present

  • “Number One Flatlander of the Year 2015” by NORA Cup Awards RIDEBMX Magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Worldwide Awards) September 17th 2015
  • “Number One Flatlander of the Year 2013” by NORA Cup Awards RIDEBMX Magazine in Austin, Texas, USA (Worldwide Awards) November 2013 (Nominated for the awards 2012, 2013 (win), 2014 and 2015)
  • “Rider of the Year 2013” (Reader’s Choice) by Flatmatters Awards, in England, UK, (Worldwide Awards) January 2014
  • BMX Video “Edit of the Year 2014” by Flatmatters Awards, in England, UK, (Worldwide Awards) January 2015
  • “RIDER 2013” by Premios Action  “Premio Especial”  (Spanish National Awards in Barcelona, Spain) March 2014
  • “Best BMX Flatland Rider in Spain FAN Awards, (Spanish National Award in Barcelona, Spain) June 2010


Competition Highlights: since 2003 – present

  • World Champion 2015 (BMX Flatland World Cicuit 5 Rounds; Switzerland – Victory, Spain – Victory, USA – 5ht place, Canada – Victory, and Japan – TBC)
  • Vice World Champion 2014 (BMX Flatland World Cicuit 5 Rounds; France, Spain, USA, Brazil, and Japan) (BFWC 2014)
  • World Champion 2010, 2005 (World Circuit Series) (USA, Europe, Asia)
  • 3 time “Red Bull Circle of Balance” Champion (2002 Germany, 2007 Tokyo, Japan, 2012 Kyoto, Japan) (Record)
  • 2 time “King of Ground” Champion (KOG) (Japan)
  • 2 time “European X-Games” Champion (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 5 time ”FISE” Champion (Festival Internationale de Sports Extremes) (2002 Palavas, 2003, 2010, 2012, 2013) (Montpellier, France and Costa Rica)
  • 2 time “ABC Contest of Flatland” Champion (Alencon, Normandy, France) (2013, 2014)
  • 1st place at the “Monster Energy BMX Freestyle Exams” in Trinidad & Tobago (April 2014)


Viki’s own Show/Contest Concepts:

  • “Red Bull Flamenco Flatland” (2010, 2011, 2013)
  • “Street Fighting” (ak a “My Streets My Kingdom”) (2013, 2014) • “Back to the Streets” (B2S) (2014)
  • Two stops during the “BMX Flatland World Circuit 2014” (Spain & Brazil) “Extreme Barcelona” and “OVERGROUND Brazil”


Viki’s own Designs:

  • 2016 BMX Bikes by KUOPPA GOMEZ BIKES
  • Viki Gomez signature BMX – Rookie + Professional BMX Bicycle – Orbea “RUDE” BMX Bicycle (complete hybrid Bicycle) (2013 – present)
  • Viki Gomez signature MOTO Pedals (2014 – present)
  • Viki Gomez signature FREEGUN underwear (2014)  
  • Viki Gomez signature G-SHOCK watch (2015 – present)


Viki’s official sponsors 2015:

  • Red Bull Energy Drink
  • ORBEA Bicycles
  • G-SHOCK/CASIO (Global Ambassador)
  • SOUNDFREAQ (speakers)
  • TENGA New Adult Toys

Supporters 2015:

  • MOTO Pedals
  • ARES bMX components
  • Le Fix Fashion
  • Fatmoose Outerwear
  • EVOC sports luggage equipment




Competitions 2015: Viki won 3/5 stops of the BFWC and is the current BMX Flatland WORLD CHAMPION 2015 


2015 HIGHLIGHTS: “VIKTORY for VIKI” Viki hits two birds with one stone!

“Number One Flatlander of the Year 2015” by NORA Cup Awards RIDEBMX Magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Worldwide Awards) September 17th 2015



  • 1st place: “REAL CITY SPIN” – Montréal, Canada – August 30th 2015
  • 5th pace: “VODOO JAM” – New Orleans, USA – July 2015
  • 1st place: “EXTREME BARCLEONA” – Barcelona, Spain – June 13th 2015
  • 1st place: Competition season 2015 kicks with success by Viki winning the 1st stop of the BMX Flatland World Circuit (BFWC) in Solothurn, Switzerland – The “Bike Days” on May 10th 2015


Other highlights in 2015: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos

  • Viki was invited to perform at prestigious LAUREUS World Sports Awards Ceremony held in Shanghai, China infront of Sports living legends and Champions and being broadcasted in 150 Télévision channels worldwide. Sports for Good Foundation April 2015
  • BMX Tour in Kuwait April 2015
  • Viki was invited to his 4th Red Bull Air Race Event for BMX Flatland show-case performances (Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE March 2015)



Competitions 2014: Viki is the Vice World Champion 2014

  • 1st place, Viki defended his title at the “ABC of Flatland” contest in Alencon, Normandy, France, by winning the contest for the 2nd time, (2013 & 2014) (15 February 2014). Coverage in ART BMX Magazine,
  • 1st place and an “epic win”! Viki Gomez held onto the top qualifying spot to win the International BMX competition, the “Monster Energy BMX Freestyle Exams” event hosted by Trevlon Hall, in Viki’s 54th country, Trinidad & Tobago . 27 April 2014
  • 2nd place at the “BIKE DAYS” in Solothurn, Switzerland on the 11 May 2014.
  • 5th place at FISE Montpellier, France (1st stop BFWC, June 2014)
  • 6th place at LKXA Extreme Barcelona, Viki Gomez organizing the 2nd World Circuit BMX Flatland at LKXA Extreme Barcelona, Spain  (2nd Round BFWC, June 2014)
  • 1st place for Viki at the BMX Flatland Competition “Arnette O’Marisqihno”, Vigo, Spain, August 2014
  • 2nd place for Viki at the“Voodoo Jam” BMX Flatland Contest, in New Orleans, USA, August 2014  (3rd Round BFWC, July 2014)
  • 2nd place at the OVER GROUND, in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  (4th Round BFWC, October 2014)
  • 2nd place, Vice World Champion 2014, at the 5th and final round of the BFWC World Championships, FLAT ARK, Kobe, Japan,  (5th and Final Round BFWC, October 2014)

BFWC – BMX Flatland World Circuit


Other highlights in 2014: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos

      • Viki was a co-organizer of the 4th round of the World Championships in BMX Flatland, OVER GROUND, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 2014
      • Viki was invited to hold a coaching/mentoring program called “Under My Wing” with a young growing talent in BMX Flatland, Mateus Beckmann, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 2014.
      • Red Bull Spain had Viki over for a Tour x 3 Shows “Bike N’ Mic” (Zaragoza, San Sebastian and Burgos) together with Varo Hernandez, Courage Adams and MC Folio. Spain, September 2014.
      • G-Shock EU commercial edit released w/ Viki G for G-Shock Nordic & EU, September 2014
      • BOMBARDEROS New Flatland Edit Release Date (Viki Gomez & Martti Kouppa), September 2014
      • My life in words Article of Viki G. in the famous “MTV VOICES”,  posted Viki’s story “BMX LEGEND – MY STEPS” , July 2014
      • Viki was invited to perform and to talk at the Mediaset, La Quatro Spanish National Télévision program “Todo va Bien” on July 1st at 21.30, Madrid, Spain , July 2014
      • Shooting, Filming and Interview with CASIO Nordics in Bergen, Norway, June 2014
      • Viki performing at the Grand Opening ceremony of the “Ekremsportveko” in Voss, Norway, June 2014
      • Red Bull Nigeria invited Viki for a “Bike n’ Mike” BMX Tour (9 Days BMX Demos) together with good friend Camilo Gutierrez and Production Company “Wildschnitt”, from Berlin, Germany. Lagos, Nigeria (June 2014)
      • Red Bull South East / Pacific invited Viki for a BMX Flatland Tour, where the first stop was the beautiful Island of Mauritius, where Viki invited his good friend and team mate Alberto Moya from Spain to join during this one week full of street shows, filming and photo sessions (55th country). Second stop was Kenya, a promising country for growth in sports (56th country). (12 Days Tour) “AfricaBMXTour” (May 2014)
      • Viki was invited for a “fun talk / interview” at the National Radio Station of Sweden “Sveriges Radio Metropol 93.8” with Lisa F, Gugin and Bentacourt (08.00-09.30) May 8th 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden.
      • Viki took part in the first Global Event ever, held by Red Bull, the “Red Bull Wings for Life World Run”, held in 6 continents, in 34 locations, and with 35, 500 athletes joining and “running for those who can’t”, the cause goes for spinal injury research. Viki ran in Barcelona, Spain. May 4th 2014.
      • Viki signs with the Japanese Flatland BMX components company “ARES & Co” and is very proud to be an Ambassador for this brand and poducts together with Red Bull BMX Flatland team mate Yohei Uchino from Japan.
      • The Launch of the Viki Gomez signature pedals x Moto Pedals April 2014
      • Viki visited his 53rd country, Romania! Viki was invited for the Launch of the Red Bull Editions (Red, Blue and Silver), to perform during the launch celebration at a downtown hit club together with Parisian  Flatlander Matthias Dandois, by Red Bull Romania (April 2014)
      • “RIDER of the Year 2013” by “Premios Action Awards” “Premio Especial”  (Spanish National Awards in Barcelona, Spain) March 2014
      • Viki was invited by Red Bull Oman to make a Tour of 10 days, during the  “Oman’s Bike Tour” (March 2014)
      • Viki was invited as a “special guest” to the yearly “Gala Sportif” in Esch-Sur-Alzette commun of Luxembourg, to perform for all the awards winning Athletes, Sports Gala Awards (March 2014)
      • “Red Bull Air Race” in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, invited Viki for BMX Flatland side activation performance at the corniche of Abu Dhabi (Feb/March 2014)
      •  BMX Flatland Tour by Viki G. in Doha, Qatar during the famous and luxurious “Qatar Motor Show” together with other Red Bull Athletes (great impact and feed-back) (February 2014)
      • Viki was invited for a Photo Shoot commercial campaign for “ART BMX Magazine” issue March 2014, in Paris with 5 different photographers with 16 pages of coverage(14 february 2014)
      • Viki was invited by Red Bull High Performance in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA, USA and the Cirque du Soleil to do a Performance Exchange Camp and perform together with the world’s top B-Boys, Breakdancers Red Bull BC One All Stars and Terry Adams (US) and Yohei Uchino (Japan) Pro BMX Red Bull Athletes. The performance took place on Third Street “Promenade” in Santa Monica, L.A. on the 6 February 2014.
      • Viki made a TV report for TVE Spanish National TV Channel in Madrid, Spain 28 January
      • Viki made a Interview/Filming/Photo shoot with the Sports Magazine “PLAY” from Hong Kong, Report in Luxembourg 21-23 January.
      • Viki was invited, to his 52nd Country, by the Government of Gabon, Africa, and Blackliner Agency to do some BMX Flatland Demos during the Road Race “La Tropicale Amissa Bongo” on the 15-17 January in Libreville, together with some other world class BMX Riders in Dirt Jumping and Flatland. RIDE BMX Magazine coverage of the Gabon Trip, video:
      • The New Year 2014 start very nicely by receiving the “Flatmatters Awards” as the “Best Rider of the Year” Readers Choice by Flatmatters BMX Flatland Community webpage,, January 2014



Competitions 2013: 

  • 1st place at the BMX Contest in Alencon, Normandie, France. (16 February 2013)
  • 1st place at the “FISE” in Montpellier, France. (10-11 May 2013)
  • 7th place at the Voodoo Jam in New Orleans, US. (1 June 2013)
  • 4th place at the DEW TOUR in Ocean City, Baltimore, US. (21-23 June 2013)
  • 2nd place at the “Arnette O’Marisquinho” 2013 BMX Flatland Competition, in Vigo, Spain. This is Viki’s own contest that is held on annual basis in Vigo. (9-11 August 2013)
  • 5th place in the World Circuit Championships 2013, held in 1st stop: “Voodoo Jam” in the New Orleans, US, 2nd stop: “O’Marisquinho” in Vigo, Spain and 3rd stop: “FLAT ARK” in Kobe, Japan. (25-27 October 2013)
  • 4th place at the FLAT ARK BMX Flatland Contest in Kobe, Japan. (25-27 October 2013)
  • 3rd place at the G-Shock Real Toughness in Tokyo, Japan. (6-8 December 2013)

Other highlights in 2013: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos

      • GG management was founded by Viki G. and his partner Alexandra G.. GG management (Gobran/Gomez Management) manages talents with all types of aspects; Talent Representation, Talent Bookings/Appearances, Sponsorship/Endorsement Dealings, Negotiation, Commercial Dealings Video/Photo Shooting, etc, . For further details and contact, refer to this webpage and to the email address to contact Ms. Gobran for management inquiries. GG management with its base in Luxembourg, October 2013
      • Viki was interviewed by the biggest sports Magazine of Spain, MARCA Motor in Madrid, Spain (December 2013)
      • Viki completed his own “Tour” concept of “Street Fighting” Tour 2013, held in the 10 biggest cities of Spain, in collaboration with Red Bull and ORBEA Bicycles, together with pro Riders in BMX such as, Matthias Dandois (FR), Varo Hernandez (ESP) and Byron Zurita (ECU). This Tour Concept is a well-requested show format of different styles of BMX and MC Hip Hop/Music with spontaneous demos in the streets for anyone to stop and watch. The aim is to bring this show concept World Wide. (January – December 2013) (for concept inquiries, please contact,

      • Commercial Video as a Thanks to all Viki’s Sponsors of 2013 was released just as we welcomed the New Year 2014!
      • Viki was invited to his 51st Country, for 10 days of Tour in South Africa, by Red Bull South Africa, together with Matthias Dandois, called the “BMXplore Tour”, filming the riding sessions in multiple cities of S.A and motivating the younger generation and the local scene of BMX. (22 November – 5 December 2013)
      • NORA CUP Awards by RIDEBMX Magazine. Viki WON the most prestigious awards existing in the world of BMX, the NORA CUP Awards 2013 “NUMBER ONE RIDER AWARDS” as the “NUMBER ONE FLATLANDER OF THE YEAR” 2013, held in Austin, Teaxas, US in October 2013. This is by far the biggest success story and highlight of Viki’s career in BMX. (17-21 October 2013)
      • Viki was invited for “talent appearance” for the Film Festival of San Sebastian in Spain. (20-21 September 2013)
      • Viki was invited to the Red Bull Illume, the most prestigious Action Sports Photography Competition, in Hong Kong as a nominee for his picture shoot by Rutger Pauw, as well as for a talent appearance and demo during the ceremony together with Matthias Dandois (FR).  (27-30 August 2013)
      • Viki was invited by Red Bull High Performance in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA, US and the Cique du Soleil, for camp training, together with Red Bull Athletes in BMX Flatland Yohei Uchino (JAP) and Terry Adams (US). (18-24 August 2013)
      • Viki was interviewed for the Luxembourgish National TV Channel RTL for the program “Magazine” a report of 4 mins, on min 17.47
      • Viki was interviewed for by RADIO3 in Madrid, Spain
      • Viki was invited for  a project together with  “PROFOTO” for a “commercial product promotion” “talent appearance”, photo shooting session in a marble quarry in Italy, by Richard Walch. (22-25 July 2013)
      • Viki was invited for, the third time,  “talent appearance” for the annual “Goodwood Festival of Speed” by Red Bull UK and Events 22. (9-15 July 2013)
      • Viki was invited to the 100th Anniversary of the “Tour de Flanders” in Geraaldsbergen, Belgium, Red Bull Belgium.  (21-25 May)
      • Viki was invited for demos during the European X-Games held in Barcelona, Spain, by Red Bull Spain. (16-19 May)
      • Viki was invited for demos during the Red Bull Launch in Thailand.  (30 April – 1 May 2013)
      • Filming for “TVE” TV Channel of Spain, in Madrid. (14 February 2013)
      • Viki was invited for a “talent appearance” demos at the National Sports Awards of Germany,  “Ball des Sports Gala” held in Wiesbaden. (2 February 2013)



Competitions 2012: 

  • 1st place at the 4th Red Bull Circle of Balance competitions (Viki makes history by winning the RB COB 3 times!) (September 2012 Kyoto, Japan)
  • 1st place at FISE Costa Rica
  • 1st place of the Bike Days in Switzerland
  • 1st place at Flatland Contest in Bogota, Colombia
  • 5th place at the OGS13 Flatland Contest in Budapest,, Hungary


Other highlights in 2012: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos

      • Viki started the year winning “2000 voces” contest in the occupied old factory called “La Traba” An indoor bike park made by the riders for the riders. Adam Kun attended to this contest getting second place and Miguel Monzon third place. He made the first BMX Bike with the colors of Red Bull: Blue & Silver
      • Viki continues the year succeeding with a first place at the Fise in Costa Rica! In the city of San Jose he had a really good time with the local and south american riders. Plus he got to know the Red Bull people from Costa Rica who treated him so good!
      • This is the best year, so Viki got invited by Red Bull Japan to perform at the Red Bull Street Jam in Osaka city. An amazing concept that mixes Dj with Break Dance, Freestyle Soccer and BMX! It was an epic tour with his good friend Yohei Uchino
      • Viki is invited to perform to the opening of the new basket arena of Baskonia in Bilbao! 20,000 spectators saw Viki´s tricks in the half times!
      • The year keeps on with the third victory at th Bike Days contest in Switzerland! Riders like Matthias And Dominik were there aswell.
      • Viki is invited by Red Bull to perform in Dubai for different events like Red Bull King of the Rock like Red Bull BC ONE! Plus an amazing video of his tour and feelings across the amazing city of Dubai!
      • Viki is invited by Lord March to GoodWood Festival of Speed! Performing together with big stars of BMX Dirt, Motor Trial, Bike Trial, Freestyle mountain bike,FMX and Magic at the GAS arena made by Events22. Plus he got to know in person Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fittipaldi, and many more! He became part of the DC VIP Family in this trip!
      • It s time for a holiday so Viki was invited by Red Bull to the Maldives Islands! 10 days-10 islands! Starting in Male city and traveling every day by plane, boat and scooter to different paradises.
      • The world is small for Viki, so Red Bull Colombia invited him to perform in one of the highest cities on Earth! Bogota! Where Viki got the 4th victory of the year!
      • Viki visits for the first time his 50 country! Hungary! Where he competed at the OGS13 in Budapest with his friend Adam Kun. Ending 5th place.
      • Japan was calling! Red Bull Circle of Balance celebrated on September 8 put Viki in a very stressful time. He had won 2 of the 3 COB celebrated and he wants to make a good riding but he is not 100% sure about what tricks to do. He chooses to play safe and smooth killing it at every battle and finishing the contest with the hardest combo he ever pulled in a contest! Finishing with the most epic victory ever on Flatland! Becoming a living legend, the only rider who won 3 times the Red Bull Circle of Balance. After this victory, Viki will become a complete new person!
      • At the same time, he was nominated for the first time in his 12 years of pro rider for the best Nora Cup Rider award celebrated in Las Vegas. Viki voted for Uchie who got the deserved award!
      • Viki is invited to the final of Red Bull Street Style in Lecce, Italy. He did an amazing show in front of thousands spectators! Plus he got to know so many people from the 50 countries classified to this epic final.
      • YouFest, the Festival of Youtube in Madrid choosed Viki to perform in the stage with a concept created by Viki called “Xtreamers” that mixes electronic music, violins and BMX Flat, BMX Park, Dubstep dancing and Freestyle Skateboarding! With Daniel Peñafiel (Naran), Killian Martin and Marquese!
      • Viki was invited by Red Bull to make a Tour in Doha, Qatar! he did a lot of shows at the Aspire4sports exhibition, Virgin Megastore, Piano Bar and more.
      • Viki signs for G Shock Japan! Becoming a G Shock official rider sponsored straight from Japan after visiting the headquarters! A dream became true!
      • Viki was invited to perform at the Slide & Sound Festival in Martigny, Switzerland!  With the charismatic german rider Chris “Boom”
      • Viki is invited by Red Bull Spain to perform at the legendary club in Barcelona “Nasty Mondays” making an amazing show at the Red Bull Pipe with his good friend pro skater Danny Leon. A night full of success and good music from the Nasty Mondays!
      • Viki signs for Arnette! Another dream became true! He performs for Luxottica doing private demos for their clients with the BeatBox World Champions UnderKontrol from France!
      • Viki Gomez films a commercial/promotional video for Sony Action Camera and makes a show at the presentation in the Sony Center of Calle Serrano in Madrid, Spain



Competitions 2011:

  • 1st Place at the 2nd Edition of the successful concept of Red Bull Flamenco Flatland 2011, Malaga, Spain.
  • 1st Place at the F.I.S.E Montpellier, France.
  • 2nd Place Barcelona Xtreme, Barcelona, Spain.


Other highlights in 2011: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos

      • Viki was invited by “Done and Dusted” to perform a show at the Laureus Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi: 180 TV/Media Worldwide.
      • Viki was invited to do a promotion tour in the Middle East: UAE, Bahrain, Oman and KSA.
      • Viki was invited to do a show at the “Red Bull Art of Motion” (free running) in London, United Kingdom.
      • Viki does a Promotion Video for the French Clothing Brand ”WRUNG”.
      • Viki is on the Cover page and 3 pages about Viki in the “Top Disney Magazine”, Spain.
      • Viki was invited to do a show at the presentation of ”Toulalan” new Football Player for the Football Team of Malaga (Qatar owned club), at the Malaga Stadium: over 7000 spectators and media.
      • Viki was invited to do a show at the Opening Ceremony in the heart of Copenhagen, for the UCI BMX World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark.
      • Viki filmed the first video add just about Flatland called: Flatland is my life  Filmed and produced by Visual Shakers
      • Viki was invited by Red Bull for a Tour in Egypt! He rode in front of the Pyramides and the Sphinx. Performing later in Hurgada.
      • Viki makes his first Flamenco Flatland show abroad for Sky Tv in Austria!
      • Viki is invited for the first time to the Slide & Sound Festival in Martigny, Switzerland!



Competitions 2010: 

  • 1st Place -> “World Champion Title”, Gold Medalist Viki entered the “World Championships Series 2010”, held in: France, Spain, and Japan.
  • 3rd Place at the Korea Leisure Games 2010, South Korea.
  • 3rd Place at the Red Bull Flat Jazz, Paris, France.


Other highlights in 2010: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos

      • Viki comes up with the breakthrough of the successful concept of Red Bull Flamenco Flatland (“FlatMenco”), where music, culture and sports are combined for a memorable event/show for any generation. The very 1st edition was held in Granada, Spain 3rd Place.
      • Viki was invited for a show at the Red Bulletin (Red Bull Magazine) Opening Ceremony in Warsaw, Poland.
      • Viki was nominated and Won the “FAN Awards” in Barcelona: Nominated as the Best Rider in Flatland 2010, Barcelona, Spain.



Competitions 2009: 

  • 3rd Place, Viki is back to the ”World Series Competition” that took place in Monaco, Tokyo and New Orleans.
  • 1st Place at the Barcelona Extreme in Spain.
  • 1st Place at the Mariskinho Contest in Vigo, Spain.


Other highlights in 2009: Awards/Media/Tours/Demos 

      • Viki makes an appearance for promotion, at the product Launch of Red Bull in Oslo, Norway.
      • Viki makes an appearance for promotion, at the product Launch of Red Bull in Copenhagen, Denmark.
      • Viki creates his absolute own frame and handlebar Designs, ”Fenix Bikes”, his own company of Flatland parts, custom made in Los Angeles, CA USA making the highest quality products for the market.


  • Viki Gomez and Martti Kuoppa come up with a new concept called ”Bike n Mic” that mixes Hip Hop and Flatland, succeeding in 15 countries where in most of the countries never had seen BMX Flatland (UAE, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Jordanian, Spain, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Finland)


  • 3rd Place at the Red Bull 14 Contest in Real de 14 in Mexico.
  • 1st Place at the Red Bull Circle of Balance (2nd time winning) in Tokyo, Japan.
      • Viki take a break from competing and focuses in promoting the sport by doing a number of shows in the territory of Spain.
  • 1st Place, for the 3rd time the Gold Medal at the King of Ground Final in Tokyo, Japan
  • Viki takes home multiple Titles,top 3 Podiums (Rankings between the top 3 riders) in various countries (Canada, USA, France, Germany).


  • Viki signs for an endorsement period with Adidas.
  • Viki signs for an endorsement period with Eastpak.
  • Viki is back competing after one year away from competitions, and back winning 5/7 Completions taking place in following Countries: UK (3 times), France, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands. Becoming the ”Braun Cruzer Tour Champion”
  • 5th Place at the Red Bull Circle of Balance in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • 1st Place, Gold Medal at the King of Ground in Nagoya, Japan
  • Interview by ”RIDE bmx” Magazine (6 pages) ”An interview with Viki Gomez, one of the most progressive flatlanders in the sport” By: RIDE bmx
  • Viki comes up with the first solo video ever done by a Flatlander. One of the most evolutionary progressions for the sport of BMX Flatland in history
  • Viki takes a break of competitions and focuses in developing all the new Flatland parts for KGB Bike Company, together with Martti Kouppa, that will create a new trend in the bike industry of BMX Flatland, by, which influenced the riding style creating the so-called ”new school” concept.


  • 2nd Place at the Flatground Competition in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1st Place at the F.I.S.E in Montpellier, France
  • 1st Place at the Carhartt Contest in Cologne, Germany
  • 5th Place at the US X Games in Los Angeles, CA USA
  • Viki signs a sponsorship/endorsement (unlimited) contract with Red Bull GmbH as their absolute first BMX Flatland Rider ever
  • Viki comes with his own Bike Company KGB (Kouppa Gomez Bikes) together with his biggest competitor and good friend Martti Kuoppa from Finland



  •  1st Place at the Revolution Contest in Toronto, Canada
  •  1st Place at the Bike Show in Birmingham, United Kingdom
  •  1st Place at the F.I.S.E in Palavas, France
  •  3rd Place at the X TRIALS in Atlanta, GA, USA
  •  3rd Place at the BMX Worlds in Cologne, Germany
  •  3rd Place at the X TRIALS in Pennsylvania, USA
  •  1st PlaceEuropean X Games Gold Medallist in Barcelona, Spain
  •  1st Place at the Red Bull Circle of Balance in Dusseldorf, Germany
  •  2nd Place, Silver Medallist at the King of Ground in Tokyo, Japan
  • Interview for ”Magazine Ride” United Kingdom
  • Viki Gomez´s Flatland parts Designs called ” Gomez” for Flybikes


  •  3rd Place at the CFB X TRIALS Qualy in Pensylvania, USA
  •  1st Place, European X Games Gold Medallist in Barcelona, Spain
  • 3rd Place at the Urban Games in London, UK
  • 2nd Place at the BMX Play station Competition in Cologne, Germany
  • 1st place, Gold Medallist of the King of Ground in Osaka, Japan
  • Viki Gomez´s Flatland Frame Design called ”Micromachine” for Flybikes, classified as the most sold frame in the market
  • Viki Gomez had a part (report) in the ”PROPS” Video Magazine


  •  7th Place at the CFB X TRIALS Qualy, Florida, USA
  • Cover Page in ”Cream Magazine” (presently called ”ART”) and 7 pages of Interview about Viki Gomez and his life of BMX Flatland


  •  1st Place“World Champion”, Master Class in Madrid, Spain

1998: 1st Place“World Champion”, Expert Class in Portimao, Portugal 1995:  Viki gets his first BMX Bicycle and starts riding BMX Freestyle “Flatland” at 14 year old

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