Date of Birth: 07.03.1981
Zodiac Sign: Piscis
Place of Birth: Madrid
Size/Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hobbies: Go Kart, Ping Pong, Poker, Parties
Favorite Drink: Red Bull Sugar Free
Favorite Food: Gazpacho
Favorite Music: Anything
First BMX Bike: BH California


Viki’s method of facing flatland is almost philosophical. For him it is not just aerobatics on a bicycle. Viki defines his sport as “a fight between mind, gravity and physics combined with movement inertia. A way of surpassing the limits of your imagination”.

Viki is by far the best flatlander in Spain and today in title the best in the world (World Champion 2010). He has won the Europeean X Games Championship twice, the Asia Championship twice in Japan, the Red Bull Circle of Balance a couple of times, The Red Bull Flamenco Flatland 2011 and he has been collecting titles since he started competing in this sport at 19 years old. Viki´s style of originality rewards him throughout his career. This is his motivation in a sport like BMX Flatland!

Viki´s inspiration and motivation comes from all the world-wide experiences he has been offered in the past decade. He has been invited to travel to more then 45 countries, to perform in many exotic places in the world, from Asia to America and the beautiful Middle-East.

He is one of the chosen few in the world who live Flatland in a professional way, although in Spain it is starting to become a popular sport. Due to Viki´s professionalism in promoting the sport and sponsors by keeping the kids away from bad things and staying lazy. He is a bigger idol in other countries, like Japan, where kids ask for autographs and hang his posters on their bedroom walls. Nowadays, he combines competitions and exhibitions all over the world with work as a businessman designing bikes for big international bicycle companies focussing on the development of special parts and bikes for flatland and other disciplines of BMX riding. Today, Viki has his own brand of frames and handle-bars under the name of ”FENIX Bikes” made in L.A.

Although he could keep on winning competitions without too many problems, Viki doesn’t want to get bogged down. For Viki, Flatland is a lifestyle not only a competition. Although, he keeps on winning! He is developing a brand new and innovative riding style, much more technical, with new tricks that involve not grasping the saddle, kick flips and many more. He is ready to make the sport bigger each day with orginality. Are we ready for him yet? Indeed we are! Give us Viki and he will perform his expertise in an original and extraordinary way and spread joy! Enjoy!

Ride on!!!